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AstroTurf becomes the exclusive dealer for SISGrass in the US

December 8, 2022

AstroTurf partners with SIS Pitches, the creator of SISGrass to make AstroTurf the exclusive dealer for SISGrass in the U.S.

SISGrass transitions natural pitches to a highly resilient hybrid system, giving athletes the playability of natural grass combined with the durability of premium synthetic fibers. SISGrass pitches are 95 percent natural grass reinforced with high-performance polyethylene fibers.

“We are pleased and thrilled that we have partnered with AstroTurf for the U.S. market,” said Ivo Lamot, managing director for SISGrass. “Not only because of our passion for sport, but also our innovative pitch technology, giving our clients more robust surface while retaining the tradition of playing on grass.”

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