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Dow unveils new artificial turf backing technology at K 2013

November 13, 2013  - By

DowThe Dow Chemical Company’s Adhesives & Functional Materials business launched its new HYPOD 1000 and HYPOD 2000 Polyolefin Dispersions for artificial turf backing in October at the K 2013 fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. These new grades combine the performance of high-molecular-weight thermoplastics and elastomers with the application advantages of high-solids waterborne dispersion, offering artificial turf manufacturers improved pitch performance and recyclability potential because of the use of a full olefin based system.

“The unique combination of a full olefin-based system allows artificial turf manufacturers to benefit from the performance and recyclability attributes of thermoplastic products, while using conventional coating processing equipment,” said Margherita Fontana, senior marketing manager EMEA, Dow Adhesives & Functional Materials. “This combination helps to enable the achievement of strong tuft bind and dimensional stability, allowing turf surfaces to last longer than current systems while maintaining the desired performance.”

HYPOD Polyolefin Dispersions impart excellent physical properties to artificial turf backing including exceptional wet strength and tuft lock. It effectively locks the yarns to the backing through the increased penetration of the dispersion into the yarn bundles, thus helping artificial turf systems better withstand tough wear and tear, even in wet conditions and at high temperatures.

It also allows artificial turf system manufacturers to develop a complete olefin-based components system allowing enhanced end-of-life recyclability. “Thermoplastic olefins tend to be more compatible with yarn fibers, making the artificial turf system easier to recycle at the end of its life and thus reducing the necessity of extensive handling and separation of the different system components,” said Lyliane Morino, Application Development & Technical Service, Dow Adhesives & Functional Materials.

HYPOD Polyolefin Dispersions are high solids, high molecular-weight, dispersions enabled by BLUEWAVE Technology, Dow’s proprietary mechanical-dispersion technology. The types of polymers utilized include homopolymers and copolymers of ethylene or propylene with additional functionality tailored as necessary for artificial turf backing applications.

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