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FBSciences debuts turf product line

June 17, 2021

FBSciences, a producer of biologicals, including biostimulants, biopesticides and fertilizers, has launched FBS Turf, a new comprehensive climate-smart turf product line built with FBSciences’ proprietary technologies.

FBSciences said this product line maximizes plant and soil quality in turf management by building on the company’s comprehensive agriculture and food production products and programs including increased plant quality and nutrient density, improved stress mitigation and recovery and increased nutrient and water use efficiency.

The FBS Turf line includes 12 initial products with more products expected to roll out over the coming months. The line will address the entire life cycle of turfgrass through every season with formulations specifically designed to increase stress mitigation and recovery from the biotic and abiotic stresses that turfgrass is subject to, including frequent cuttings, water stress, compaction from high traffic and temperature-related stress.

FBSciences said FBS Turf products will help turf managers grow healthier, more resilient turf with longer, more expansive root systems that rebound quickly for fast recovery and excellent turf appearance and performance, intensifying the green-up effect and supporting the development of lush, thick top growth, according to the company. FBS Turf’s comprehensive turf management programs will also include event- and weather-based action plans, which will give turf managers and superintendents the tools to manage their turfgrass through every season holistically.

The FBS Turf line of products will include turf nutrition products formulated with FBSciences’ proprietary biostimulant technology FBS Transit, and turf protection products formulated with its biopesticide technology, FBS Defense. FBSciences said its FBS Transit technology accelerates turfgrass germination, establishment and emergence.

In an independent research study specifically designed to test drought and heat stress, FBSciences said its FBS Transit along with micronutrients dramatically increased health in fescue turf during the period of stress, with better chlorophyll density for a deeper green color and a denser, more extensive root system. FBS Transit also increased Kentucky bluegrass vigor by 11 percent more than NPK fertilizer alone.

The FBS Turf line of products will be available in late June to early July 2021, and the company said more distribution agreements will be announced soon.

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