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Husqvarna soft-launches new Ceora robotic mower

June 17, 2022  - By


Photo: Husqvarna

Photo: Husqvarna

Husqvarna recently soft-launched Ceora, its new automower, two years after announcing its creation in 2020.

Ceora is a robotic mower designed for professional application that offers several benefits to help solve unique challenges for sports field managers. The unit weighs less than 150 pounds and reduces compaction and wear from turning caused by traditional heavy machinery.

The battery-powered mower connects to Husqvarna’s Automower Connect app, allowing for remote operation. Boundary wire-free Exact Position Operating System (EPOS) technology permits the user to define cutting heights, work areas, stay-out zones and cutting patterns and set a cutting schedule.

The mower navigates by using a triangulated communication signal between its reference station and satellites in space.

Jason Connor (Photo: Husqvarna)

Jason Connor (Photo: Husqvarna)

“The mower performs best with a clean line of sight between the reference station and the satellites,” Jason Connor, head of commercial robotics at Husqvarna, says.

Connor says the maintenance process with Ceora is easy and convenient. When it’s time for cleaning, the mower will automatically find its way back to the specified location. The user can also create a cleaning schedule using the Automower Connect app.

As for accessories, Husqvarna offers a brush for cleaning the automower’s back wheels, and Connor says there are more accessories in the works.

Ceora can mow up to 18 acres depending on the quality and frequency of the cut. Connor says when a user should change the blades depends on the quality and the amount the mower runs, but it can range from two weeks to a month.

“One of the most common questions from sports field managers I have heard is whether or not it stripes,” Connor says. “It does mow systematic straight lines, and you can change the cutting patterns, but it doesn’t have a striping kit just yet.”

Connor says that Ceora Automowers are ideal for sports field managers.

Photo: Husqvarna

Photo: Husqvarna

“Sports field managers spend a tremendous amount of time on the field,” Connor said. “Ceora can help give them some time back in their schedule. The app makes it easy to manage and use. It also enhances cost control, so it adds some predictability from a budgetary standpoint.

“It’s definitely different than the traditional way of mowing the field,” Connor said. “Be courageous with the technology and embrace it.”

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