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Pathway Biologic releases Root Honey Plus

November 9, 2015  - By

Root-Honey-PlusPathway Biologic has launched its newest microbial product, Root Honey Plus.

Root Honey Plus promotes stronger roots and stimulates the plant’s natural immune system, which helps plants recover from common biotic and abiotic stresses such as drought and poor water quality.

RHP combines PGPR, Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria, and bio-nutrient components like fulvic acid, kelp, amino acids, silica and carbohydrates. Pathway Biologic says the formulation is designed to increase plant vigor, rooting, nutrient use efficiency and to stimulate microbial growth and activity.

The bacteria in RHP are pure culture – Pathway identifies and characterizes specific strains in the soil that increase the plants ability to uptake and utilize applied fertilizers, stimulate root growth and recycle organic matter into plant usable compounds.

“Root Honey Plus provides an environmental safeguard for lawn care companies without breaking the bank,” says Dion Pearce, division sales manager for Pathway Biologic. “Being environmentally conscious is important, but products and programs have to fit within an economic model that can be sustained. Combining rhizospheric bacteria that have great genetic potential with multiple carbon sources into one product accomplishes that, without the need to inventory numerous products.”

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