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Prime Source’s new bifenthrin 2EC insecticides registered

December 17, 2021

The EPA has approved the registration of new Bifen 2EC Select and Bifen G/N 2EC Select insecticides from Prime Source, a division of Albaugh.

Bifen 2EC Select provides quick knockdown and long-lasting turf, tree and ornamental insect control; as well as the prevention of termite, ant and other pest infestations. It is labeled for use on many sites including outdoor perimeter pest control of residential and commercial dwellings, pre- and post-construction termite control, lawns, ornamental plantings, trees, parks, athletic fields and interiorscapes.

Bifen G/N 2 EC Select is a restricted use pesticide and provides quick knockdown and residual control of aphids, ants, chinch bugs, bluegrass weevil and many other insects and mites. It is labeled for use on golf courses, nurseries and sod farms as well as around residential and commercial structures, interiorscapes, outdoor ornamentals, trees (including Christmas trees), lawns and other sites. Both insecticides provide quick knockdown and residual control of many insect and mite pests.

“These bifenthrin-based insecticides provide effective and economical control of many turf, ornamental and perimeter pests including termites. Formulated as an EC, both products also penetrate the bark and foliage of trees and shrubs for very effective control of ornamental pests. Prime Source is very happy to bring these tools to our customers as part of our growing portfolio,” states Russ Mitchell, specialty business director.

Bifen 2EC Select and Bifen G/N 2EC Select will be available through the Prime Source distribution network.

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