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Spectrum Technologies releases new TDR moisture meter

December 24, 2020  - By
The TDR250 FieldScout. (Photo: Spectrum Technologies)

The TDR250 FieldScout. (Photo: Spectrum Technologies)

Spectrum Technologies released the FieldScout TDR 250 Economy Soil Moisture Meter. The new model enhances the TDR product line, which sets optimal irrigation and helps achieve consistent playing conditions, according to the company. It helps turf managers looking to capture spot measurements for hand-watering or stringing for consistent turf health and quality.

The TDR 250 measures soil moisture (volumetric water content) in less than a second, with settings for standard, hi-clay, or sand texture soils. With a rugged, T-handle frame and exclusive LCD display, the user-friendly TDR can capture accurate measurements across sports fields. Data logs (up to 124,000 measurements) can then be downloaded and transferred via a USB flash drive. All of Spectrum’s TDR meters offer interchangeable soil probes at varying lengths, so customers can choose the best option for their turf root zone.

“Spectrum Technologies is responding to what the turf market has been asking for,” said Mike Thurow, president and CEO of Spectrum Technologies. “The TDR 250 has been specially designed for lower maintenance budgets. With the TDR 250, turf managers will receive Spectrum’s precision measurement technology while investing 20 percent less.”

Through use of the TDR 250, turf managers can conserve water and reduce labor costs. Data can objectively be collected, resulting in more effective decision-making around irrigation and pesticide scheduling, said the company. The result is optimized playing conditions and less stress on management staff.

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