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Photo: HKS sports & entertainment Historic minor league field gets a facelift
MLB partnered with BrightView, one of the largest landscapes services company, to renovate Bowman Field, the second oldest minor league ballpark in the U.S., in preparation to host the MLB Little League Classic Game during the Little League World Series.
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Syngenta launches contest to promote
turf recovery, personal wellness

Now through Sept. 5, sports turf professionals can submit a photo to to show how they condition themselves or their turf to perform well and recover from stress, for a chance to win one of two $2,500 cash prizes.
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Grass Roots AstroTurf to bring manufacturing operations under one roof in Georgia
AstroTurf unveiled a new plan to streamline all of its manufacturing operations into a single facility. The move involves the relocation of existing equipment and the purchase of new manufacturing technology, as well as the functional alignment of previously scattered personnel groups.
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Green Sport Alliance to recognize
the greenest sports, sustainability

The Green Sports Alliance will present its annual Environmental Leadership Award and Environmental Innovators of the Year awards, both designed to recognize and celebrate the best in sports and sustainability. Find out who will be taking home the top awards.
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UNI Topgolf Crush will
head to Nashville in July

For the special event, players hit targets ranging from 40 yards to 150 yards away on the field at Nissan Stadium.
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STMA’s Starts and Stripes contest now accepting entries
STMA kicked off its second annual Stars and Stripes contest. The contest, which is in honor of our countrymen and our nation’s birthday, challenges participants to design the most unique Fourth of July field art design and snap some beauty shots of the work. Find out how you can enter.
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STMA unveils tracks for 2018 conference
The 2018 STMA Conference and Exhibition, which will be taking place Jan. 16-19 in Fort Worth, Texas, will have eight tracks focusing on the different aspects of sports field and facility management. Learn more about each of the tracks.
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Advanced Turf Solutions expands in Michigan
Advanced Turf Solutions, an independent and employee-owned green industry distributor, acquired Michigan area distributor, Tri-Turf.
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