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ION A robot to keep your ION
In a better world sports field managers would have a robot bring them a drink and then paint all of the lines of any sports field you can think of without assistance. Well, for those turf professionals willing to make the investment, there’s a machine that was introduced earlier this year that is on its way to doing one of those things. Bad news, they’re still going have to get their own drinks.
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Featured Image Sawing out of Georgia
When the national news covered Hurricane Irma the main focus was on the state of Florida. The brutality of the storm decreased to a tropical depression when it approached Georgia, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t leave destruction in its wake in the Peach State. Find out how one man helped those in need with the help of one important disaster cleanup tool: a chainsaw.
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Featured Image Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium takes center stage
Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened its doors to the public for the first time Aug. 26, and boy, fans got one heck of a show. Here’s a look at a few of the highlights at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
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Featured Image International event turns Marlins Park into a racetrack
Why yes, you are seeing an asphalt track on the field at Marlins Park. Find out how this ballpark was transformed into a racetrack in less than a week earlier this year.
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Rensel STMA names Mowing
Patterns Contest winner

The Sports Turf Managers Association named Kelly Rensel, head groundskeeper at the Great Lakes Loons (Midland, Mich.), its fifth annual “Mowing Patterns Contest” winner. Check out his field design.
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Redexim hires new national sales manager
Redexim North America added Troy von Holdt as the company’s new national sales manager. In this new role, von Holdt’s main objective will be to act as the primary support role for Redexim’s wide customer base by adding value to its dealerships and end user experiences.
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STMA A look at the educational lineup for 2018 STMA Conference and Exhibition
Heading down to Fort Worth, Texas this January for the STMA Conference and Exhibition? Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the 2018 event.
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Target Specialty Products teams up with Scotts
Scotts partnered with Target Specialty Products, a national wholesale distributor of turf & ornamental and pest control products, to develop a complete line of professional turf products backed by Scotts Pro technology.
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Mirimichi Mirimichi Green releases ‘natural’ insect control products
The manufacturer said the products' efficacy tests show an 80 percent-plus kill rate for pests and larvae in a 24-hour period. Learn more about the new line of products.
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