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STMA kicks off 6th annual Mowing Patterns contest
The Sports Turf Managers Association is now accepting entries for its Mowing Patterns contest. The winner will receive complimentary registration to the 2019 STMA Annual Conference in Phoenix. Find out how you can enter.
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Photo: Toro Toro’s new multipurpose vehicle snags innovation award
The Toro Outcross 9060 multipurpose vehicle received the 2018 Innovation Medal from the Federal Association of Garden, Landscape and Sports Facilities.
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Photo: Target Specialty Products Target Specialty Products rolls out Turf Fuel Cleanse
Turf Fuel Cleanse is an organic soil remediation system that treats soil displaying signs of localized dry spot, poor infiltration or poor health.
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Pure Seed and Atlas Turf International release PurePro Seeded Bermudagrass
PurePro Seeded Bermudagrass combines the attributes of multiple varieties to produce a fine-textured, dark green blend.
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Photo: Textron Specialty Vehicles Textron unveils Cushman
Hauler 4×4 utility vehicle

The Hauler 4×4 series features a 2,000-pound towing capacity, 1,500-pound payload and 1,000-pound cargo box. Check out more features on the latest model.
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Early order program breakdown
It's that time of year again. No, we're not talking about pumpkin spice season. We're talking about early order program time. Have you started planning for 2019? Here's a look at a few early order programs that could be helpful.
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Photo: Steel Green Manufacturing Steel Green debuts three zero-turn spreader-sprayers
Steel Green machines feature a 21-hp engine, Donaldson air cleaner and a standard integrated 20/50 amp charging system. Models include the SG52, SG46 and SG36.
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Aqua Aid A new era dawns on industry leader, AQUA-AID Solutions
AQUA-AID Solutions has the ability to provide synergistic moisture management, biological, soil and cultural solutions within their portfolio of products. Each technology provides long lasting agronomic value and improves aesthetics and playability on turfgrass systems in the golf and sports field arena. [read more]
STMA makes changes for the 2019 STMA conference
There will be some changes for the Sports Turf Managers Association’s 2019 Conference and Exhibition, including two new events. Read on to learn more.
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Photo: FieldTurf FieldTurf’s new tech aims to increase longevity, playability of fields
Powered by Intelligent Play, the new technology is designed to help maximize the longevity, playability and safety of a sports field. It will also help facility owners track maintenance, plan more efficiently and monitor usage.
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