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Photo: AT staff Aqua-Aid Solutions brings new mobile growing systems across the pond
At the 2019 STMA Show, Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones catches up with Sam Green, president of Aqua-Aid Solutions, and Steve Noel, managing director of SeeGrow, to learn more about this technology new to the U.S. turf market.
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Photo: AT staff Talking equipment with Fenway Park's David Mellor
Fenway Park's David Mellor chats with Athletic Turf about the equipment used at the historic ballpark at the 2019 STMA show.
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PBI-Gordon previews new fungicide
A flowable liquid, Union is a formulation of the active ingredients azoxystrobin and cyazofamid. The dual modes of action in the fungicide feature a proprietary combination of chemistry found in FRAC Groups 11 and 21.
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Photo: SiteOne Landscape Supply SiteOne rolls out 5 new turf products
SiteOne Landscape Supply added five new products to its turf lineup: LESCO NOS, LESCO NOS Plus, LESCO PolyPlus-Opti, LESCO CarbonPro-L with MobilEX and LESCO CarbonPro-G.
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EPA approves Vexis herbicide granular
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved federal registration for Vexis herbicide granular, which will be available for sale in mid-2019.
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Mike Parent joins J&D Turf
Mike Parent, president of H&K Sports Fields, a Wisconsin-based athletic field construction company, has joined the J&D Turf team.
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Aqua Aid A new era dawns on industry leader, AQUA-AID Solutions
AQUA-AID Solutions has the ability to provide synergistic moisture management, biological, soil and cultural solutions within its portfolio of products. Each technology provides long-lasting agronomic value and improves aesthetics and playability on turfgrass systems in the golf and sports field arena. [read more]
Jody Gill begins term as STMA president
Sports Turf Managers Association confirmed its 2019 board of directors. Meet the newest additions to the board.
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Photo: Textron Textron launches new electric UTV
Textron Specialized Vehicles launched its Hauler 800 ELiTE electric utility vehicle, powered by Samsung SDI lithium technology.
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