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Photo: The Toro Company Irrigation options for sports fields: Making the right choice
With choices in natural and synthetic turf, differences in weather conditions and varying levels of usage, there are few default answers when it comes to the best irrigation products and practices. Orion Goe, marketing manager at Toro, shares a couple options and their key advantages.
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Photo: Paul Richter 'We set the stage for greatness': Michigan State’s sports turf manager discusses her work
Athletic directors and turf managers are busy prepping for one of the busiest times of the year. We sat down with Amy Fouty, CSFM, assistant athletic director and sports turf manager at Michigan State University, to talk about her position at one of the Big 10’s more turf-centric universities.
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CPS Distributors adds North Colorado Springs branch to support local contractors
Heritage Landscape Supply Group announced CPS Distributors opened a new branch in Colorado Springs, Colo. — carrying a full line of irrigation and landscape supplies, sports field materials and more. Learn what CPS Distributors offers its customers.
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Turface Athletics announces summer blowout program
It's the Turface summer blowout — members of the Turface Grounds Crew can earn money back on all purchases of Turface products from now until Sept. 30. Find out how to save while preparing for the fall season.
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STMA to conduct field rebuild prior to 2020 conference
After conducting its first field rebuild in conjunction with its annual conference earlier this year, the STMA planned for a second field rebuild on January 2020 in the West Palm Beach area. All equipment, materials and transportation will be provided and registration will open Oct. 1. Learn more about the event.
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Logo: STMA Recruit new STMA members, pay for your 2020 STMA Conference
Each new member you recruit to join the STMA, you will receive a $50 credit. These credits can be used for any STMA service or toward your 2020 STMA Conference registration. There is no limit to the number of people members can refer. Get the full details here.
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Photo: PBI-Gordon PBI-Gordon's Pedigree Fungicide SC receives registration in California
PBI-Gordon Corp. recently announced its Pedigree Fungicide SC received registration for use in the state of California. Find out what this means for sports turf managers in the Golden State.
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DryJect will be able to inject non-kiln-dried sand through its machines
Beginning as early as October 2019, DryJect will soon be able to inject non-kiln-dried sand through its machines. Keep reading to see where you can find this new technology.
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Exmark introduces Commercial 30 X-Series walk-behind mower
Exmark's newest walk-behind mower has an updated engine and transmission and is a powerful and productive option for sports fields. Check out the features on the X-Series model.
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