Athletic Turf News
JULY 16, 2021
Atticus rebrands turf and ornamental line as EcoCore
Atticus rebranded its professional noncrop market business to EcoCore. The company also recruited industry veteran Michael Maravich to serve as vice president, EcoCore markets.
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Todd Deitz joins Prime Source as Great Lakes territory manager
Prime Source added Todd Deitz as its new Great Lakes territory manager. Deitz brings with him more than 25 years in the turf and ornamental industry. Learn more about his new role.
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Oregon Tool sold to Platinum Equity
Oregon Tool said this acquisition by Platinum Equity will fuel the company's product innovation and propel global growth. Find out more.
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SePro adds 2 to its ranks
SePro added Casey Zeller as portfolio leader for turf & ornamental and Aaron Palmateer, Ph.D., as technical development leader for ornamentals.
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Western Products intros plow and drop spreaders for UTVs
Western Products added three new products to its line of nontruck equipment: the Western Impact mid-duty UTV straight blade plow and the Drop 250 and Drop 600 drop spreaders.
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Omya adds GreenLight soil conditioning and turf nutrition portfolio
Omya, a global producer of industrial minerals, has launched GreenLight, a portfolio of highly efficient, granulated soil conditioning and turf nutrition products for the U.S. turf and ornamental market.
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Steel Green updates spreader-sprayer
The new midsized zero-turn spreader-sprayer is available with an updated 50-gallon capacity that still fits through a 48-inch gate.
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Vertex Aquatic Solutions launches Oxygen Saturation Technology product
Vertex Aquatic Solutions has introduced its oxygenation saturation technology to eliminate lake anoxia while preserving stratification. The side-stream saturation technology manages anoxia by pumping low dissolved oxygen water from a lake, canal or lagoon, saturate it with oxygen and return the water.
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