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Photo: Envu

Envu promises continued focus on innovation

Gilles Galliou, CEO of Envu, formerly Bayer Environmental Science, shares what sports turf managers can expect from the new company.

Photo: MSU

Mississippi State releases new bermudagrass

New hybrid bermudagrass from Mississippi State University's breeding program offers fewer seedheads and finer leaf texture.

Photo: TenCate Grass Americas

TenCate Grass launches synthetic turf recycling program

The new program offers a second chance for end-of-life turf, according to the company.

Albaugh to expand Missouri-based facility

The company announced its St. Joseph, Mo., facility will expand as part of investments to increase production of a widely used herbicide.

BioSafe Systems co-founder Robert Larose dies at 64


Logo: NCS4

NCS4 to host 2023 Safety and Security Forum in Texas

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) will host its National Intercollegiate Athletics Safety and Security Forum at Texas A&M University.


Aquatrols adds two new products

The company added a new turf nutrition product and a phosphite fertilizer to its portfolio of solutions.

New products from Prime Source offer control of Pythium blight, more

A pair of new products from Prime Source set to launch in the Fall offer disease and mite control, according to the company.

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